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    Chumbuddy via Laughing Squid

    A Gigantic Totoro Sleeping Bag / Futon Bed

    I will conquer my irrational fear of sharks by dressing my children up in shark costumes....Actually no. I think my fear is completely rational. right?

    These are hilarious. I want one. lol

    Pizza Sleeping Bag

    Camping :)

    Cheeseburger bed haha

    Looks like a blast.

    The Defibrillator Toaster My mom would be so annoyed… every morning I would run into the kitchen screaming “WE’RE LOSING THEM!!! BEEP BEEP BEEPBEEPBEEP!” “DON’T YOU DIE ON ME, DAMNIT!!! NURSE, WE NEED 12 CC’S OF CREAM CHEESE, STAT!!!” He’s bread, Jim. Time of deliciousness: 7:15 A.M If we don’t restart his heart , he’s toast! JESUS CRUST. JAM IT! “Daddy’s in a butter place now, kids.” --i pinned this simply for the description.

    backless bird house with suction cups for the window= you get to see the baby birds hatch!


    awesome if you're camping out in the woods..haha!

    My Christmas list this year.

    clean your teeth with cat vomit, twice a day, every day.

    Jaws in your water

    Shark Earbuds - Christmas Present?? YES PLEASE!!!

    shut up and take my money

    Haha pretty much.

    How to drive someone crazy - the great white shark cat bed 99US

    On joue à l'omelette