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Amy: Rory Pond is flawless. The Doctor: I hear his hair is insured for 10,000 pounds. River Song: One time, he blew up an entire cyberfleet, just to save his wife. Hitler: One time, he punched me in the face. It was awesome.

"I have a message from the Doctor and a question." / "What was the message?" *explosion in the background* / "Would you like me to repeat the question?"

Doctor and Rory. I never really pondered the fact that Rory is older than the Doctor. Almost twice as old in fact.... Rory would be a fantastic history teacher.

Doctor Who:All of creation has just been wiped from the sky; your girlfriend isn't more important. Rory: (punches the Doctor) She is to me.(and guards her for 2,000 years) sigh

When don't I? I love that this is in there, it is like the writers are teasing about how much he dies just like we do :)

Why am I pinning this? Because Rory Williams that's why!

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The Doctor was testing to make sure Rory was still himself inside.

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"Can you ride a motorbike?" "I expect so. It's that sort of day" Oh, Rory. #DoctorWho #Amy #Rory