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I met him and his parents at Oak View Park in Raleigh for some family pictures recently and it was a beautiful morning.

expression-venusia: “ .Winter,Japan Expression Photography ”

red, Japanese-style arched bridge and Yukimi "snow-viewing" lantern in the Asiatic Arboretum, Duke Gardens

Stunning Adventure Instagrams by Max Zedler #inspiration #photography

Stunning Adventure Instagrams by Max Zedler

Max Zedler is a talented self-taught photographer, filmmaker and explorer based in Vancouver, Canada.

Purity. Photography is about being there. In the moment, in the present, no distractions.

YOUR Macro Photos: Group 4

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Artsy Fartsy Barn

Early Morning -I really like the colors of this picture. -I can easily emulate this by taking a picture at sunrise.

There's just something about a red barn in the snow isn't there?

Snow covered barn behind a country home. and I don't even like red. It must be the snow with the red.

Amazing Bams Farms Photo (66)

141 Amazing Old Bams and Farms Photos

Amazing Bams Farms Photo (66)

The moment that I got off the plane - early in the morning - a taxi-driver named Jem would pick me up and start suggesting tourist attractions. I'd turn this down, saying that I first needed to go the hotel and check in; Jem however would insist upon me doing that later, and before I could object, start to drive me to this magnificent view.

The Sacred Bridge, part of the Futarasan Shrine, Nikko, Tochigi, Japan. This place looks amazing.

Red Barn Morning Missoula, Montana

Western Montana @ Patrick Clark…I can almost smell the cold air right now, stinging my nose, and the chill on my cheeks, first stepping out into a morning like this.