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” In a broad sense, all of my works demonstrate a kind of oppression. If conditions allow, parents plan a future that they think will be good for their children. If they are not wealthy enough, they hope their children will have a skill and then they force them to develop it. As children grow up, their character is distorted by the inappropriate pressure of their parents and their schools. The appearances of my figures drift between real people and dolls. Zhang Peng

40 Significant Examples of Conceptual Photography

doll makeup Halloween Costumes 2013 halloween costumes #DIY not so much the black eye, BUT the crackle effect with skin showing through is beautiful

Think this would be great to get each kid to open the egg cartoon one at a time while the other kids are outside and get their reactions on tape. @mclenp your Thoughts?

Look on pintrest. they show a woman floating over the bed. I think you can make her out of a couple rolls of clear packing tape. I have done the clear