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very clever!! OMG! This guys sense of humor is awesome! So sorry for his loss, but this is great.

In our world when a warrior is missing a leg, we do not say he "LOST HIS LEG", he did not lose it, he knows exactly where it is, HE GAVE it fighting for freedom. This Warrior is not only a hero, and gave his leg, but he sure retained his sense of humor. HoooAh

One fine quote. I have always agreed. Now with the modern colors and techniques a tattoo can be gorgeous. I have seen a number of modern women with fabulous full color flower tattoos and other scenes that will rival oil on canvas. These are true art and the name Tattoo Artist is more than every correct.

Awesome! It started as a small idea and grew. I got every hour of this ink done while in Mahmudiyah, Iraq in 2009. I’m an Army Cavalry Scout and attached to my platoon was a Sniper section. One of the snipers happened to be a tattoo artist. He did a lot of work for a lot of us while overseas.