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    • Beatriz Alicia García Naranjo

      Calle Real de Sabana Grande Caracas Venezuela (1970). Aún no se había construido el metro ni el actual boulevard que cerró el tránsito.

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    Caracas Venezuela - Entrance to the 45 story structure. The residents have painted the lobby and have planted trees.

    Hotel en el Avila. Caracas

    Rising 45 stories, Torre David, in Caracas Venezuela, is the world's tallest informal settlement, housing an estimated 3,000 residents. The tower was planned for commercial use, but construction stopped in the early 1990s and squatting began in 2007. Since then a community has emerged, repurposing the building with living spaces, a church, a gym, and shops.

    Diana Olmos, 14, folds laundry at her home on the 7th floor of "Tower of David." Squatters live in the bottom 28 floors of the 45-story uncompleted skyscraper, located in downtown Caracas, Venezuela. More than 2,500 squatters now occupy the building.

    Caracas, Venezuela. This picture must be several years old, because you can still see the pepsi ball on top of the building in Plaza Venezuela. Chavez made them take it down. Capitalist symbol and all that crap....

    Caracas,Venezuela 1,109 High Rise Buildings

    Caracas Cathedral. Its construction began in 1666 & was completed in 1674. The facade dates from 1771. In 1932 and during the 60s, restoration & modifications were made throughout the building. The cathedral has a romanesque plan consisting of 5 naves. The sacral art in the cathedral contains, among others, "The Resurrection", by Rubens, "The Presentation of the Virgin" by Murillo, and "The Last Supper", an unfinished work by the Venezuelan painter Arturo Michelena.

    La Colonia Tovar, Venezuela. A German village, founded in 1843, in the mountains of Venezuela. The european style buildings seem surreal next to palm trees. Definitely worth a visit. An oasis of calm after busy Caracas.

    45-foot squatter building in Caracas, Venezuela

    The Palace of the Academies is located in downtown Caracas, was built between 1577-1586 being one of the oldest buildings in the city. Photo by Oswaldo Suarez.

    Previsora Building (with the clock) I worked in that building for 7 years.

    Caracas-Venezuela Plaza venezuela-Sabana Grande mi mejor foto

    Sabana Grande, Caracas

    Al salir del trabajo, camino a casa me conseguí también a un saxofonista con buena música para compartir :) Sabana Grande Venezuela - Caracas SinFiltro

    Escultura en Sabana Grande Caracas

    Bolulevar de Sabana Grande, Caracas

    Colette Delozanne. "Gran lugar del alba". Concreto, Altura 340 ctms. Bulevar de Sabana Grande, Caracas, Venezuela.

    Bolulevar de Sabana Grande, Caracas

    Bolulevar de Sabana Grande, Caracas

    Sabana Grande - Caracas - Venezuela

    Vintage Gran Café Sabana Grande, Caracas

    Sabana Grande - Caracas - Venezuela

    Sabana Grande - Caracas - Venezuela

    Colette Delozanne. En "Gran lugar del alba" Bulevar de Sabana Grande, Caracas, Venezuela.

    Caracas... Sabana Grande