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Ultimately, Dominant and Submissive are bound to one another not by chains but by their own need, and the mutual fulfillment of those needs. Description from I searched for this on

INFINITY Wire Wrapped Bracelets, PAIR of Submissive Bracelets, Permanently Locking or Traditional Clasp, BDSM, Symbolic, Made To Order 8879

INFINITY Wire Wrapped Bracelets PAIR of by MySecretHeartJewelry

I legit did something similar to this

I'm ready to let You see the real me, not the mask I show to the world. I will trust You. I will open up for You.

There's something about her, something so wonderfully wicked and terribly sexy...

Mine is mine

This is a really good list!!!!!!!! ^w^ I would personally add some of my stim toys maybe, and probly leggings, cuz sensory issues, but it's a spectacular baseline!!!! Those are so hard to find, I stg.

I love these pins.. why bec im a sarcastic cocky bitch with a attitude and i love it... cabrona and i am me.. deal wit it or step on a lego