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Old Keys!!

I love the old keys. They unlock a feeling of exploration and open my outlook of seeing the world anew - pun intended. [can picture a crock/mason jar/something filled with an assortment of old skeleton keys]

I'd be happy to get a box full of old, mysterious-looking keys for Christmas. :) Even better if they were sent anonymously with a note... 0.0

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Old keys

Love old keys! --Old keys framed on an old letter. Maybe put in a shadow box or find a bunch of old keys and do something original with them.

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Key (16th - 19th C) Nigeria, Court of Benin

Key century Geography: Nigeria, Court of Benin Culture: Edo peoples Medium: Brass, iron Dimensions: Length in.


Unlock your creativity with this vintage style key set. 7 unique keys to use as pendants, charms, or even scrapbooking keepsakes. These keys come in a beautiful antiqued vintage bronze finish. My personal favorite is the cat key! Much Love, Sun And Moon

lost-in-centuries-long-gone:  Chamber gentleman’s key to the Spanish royal household, gilt bronze, c. 1834 armasantiguas.com

Keys & Locks: Chamber gentleman's to the Spanish royal household, gilt bronze, circa