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A quick and easy guide to starting and building a blog, including generating traffic, monitoring your progress and making money. #blogging

from TwelveSkip

[infographic] 68 Best Tips Before You Start A Blog

blogging tips for beginners infographic. This is well organized which make it easy to use

from by Regina [for infopreneurs + independents]

How to Get Serious About Blogging

How to Get Serious About Blogging. A killer list of 33 things you can do when you're ready to go pro, or make your blog a business, or really grow your #blogger reach!

from The Blog Market

7 Ways to Create Community With Your Blog

Create Positive Community With Your Blog | The Blog Market #blog, #blogging, blogging, business, entrepreneur

from TwelveSkip

Checklist: 22 Must-have Elements Of An Effective Blog [2016]

[Checklist] 28 Must-Have Elements of An Effective Blog Site #blogging #bloggingtips #blog

from mandy wallace

How Not To Write: The Style Mistake Most Bloggers Make

Do you agree with this? Blog posts aren’t college essays. They aren't news features or billboard signs or technical manuals. Blogging has its own style. Unlike academic essays, blog posts are enter...

from Save to Splurge

What I Learned from Two Failed Blogs

Have you ever failed at something? If you have then you know how I felt when, not one but TWO of my blogs failed! The good thing about "failures" though is that there is almost always a good lesson learned.

from Blog Clarity

Tips from Two Lawyers about Protecting Your Blog

Bloggers don't often think about protecting their blogs from a legal standpoint. This interview with Businessese gives tips about contracts and more.

from Everything But the Posts

Ten things to try in your first six months of blogging

Are you new to blogging? Anna has a few tips to get your blog off the ground and you writing your best content!