american flag shorts!

DIY American Flag Cuffs

DIY American flag shorts

DIY How to make a CD case with one piece of paper!

DIY Flag Shirt cause this is america and we speak american

Tie Dye with Tissue Paper

Wow this will really come in handy!

The Stars and the Stripes- #EmblemEyewear


American Flag Bow Tank Top for the 4th of July

Ten Ways To Cheat Life

DIY Watermelon Print Shorts!

DIY headbands. This one actually has directions! :) cute for summer

Great and affordable boutique to keep in mind!


fringe top

DIY shorts. Just bleach, wash and use color dye where you want let it soak then was dry and fray if you would like.

diy ombre shorts

Looking forward to reviving some old sweaters just like this!

Vintage American Flag Infinity Scarf....but I love the hair and make up!!! :)

Now this looks simple and cheap to make! American flag decoration. Looks like its made out of fabric and ribbon