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To put it simply, Tiger horse is a gaited, spotted horse with Baroque conformation. The type is thousands of years old, there were noble, spotted horses with soft gaits in ancient China and later in Spain, the Jennets. Usually the modern Tiger Horse has got its color from Appaloosas and gaits from gaited horses but there also are some gaited Appaloosas.

Tiger horses are gaited, spotted horses with a coat color much like the Appaloosa. The tiger horse can exhibit various ambling gaits including various lateral gaits called the "Glider Gait" or Indian shuffle, stepping pace, and running walk, as well as the diagonal Fox Trot. Registered horses must exhibit gaits without artificial aids and while flat-shod.

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Pretty Appaloosa <<< We use to have a huge Appaloosa named Snowy. At the time we got her, she was the largest registered Appaloosa in the state of Arkansas... <3~R~<3