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Posted ... faintly

No means no. Silence means no. Drunk means no. Passed out means no. Scantily dressed means no. One hundred no's followed by a yes is still a no. UNLESS THE PERSON SAYS YES (still no if they are under the influence of a drug or alcohol and they say yes)

So true. No means no. Hate having to explain adults. If I don't want to do something, I won't. That's my choice. Not yours.

'No' means 'no'. It doesn't mean 'convince me'. And there's no need to act like a child because you didn't get what you want.

Don't let anyone make you feel guilty about it nor feel you have to justify yourself to them either. No means no.

The Power of Saying No

If you struggle with people pleasing, seeking approval, saying yes when you mean no it's likely codependency. Learning how to saying no is the first step in 12 step recovery from people pleasing.