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Tunic of Stepped Pattern, ca. 500–650 Peru, possibly Arequipa area, late Nasca style (?) Camelid hair; plain weave, discontinuous warp and weft; 39 1/2 x 56 in. (100.3 x 142.2 cm) Private Collection

Miniature Tunic with Staff Bearers, ca. 800–850 Peru, south highlands, Wari style Camelid hair, cotton; tapestry weave; 6 1/4 x 10 1/4 in. (16 x 26 cm) Private Collection

Tunic with Felines Date: 1450–1550 Geography: Peru Culture: Chimú Medium: Cotton, camelid hair Accession Number: 1979.206.955

Tunic with Pattern of Double-Headed Birds, ca. 300 BCE–100 CE Peru, south coast, probably Paracas Peninsula Cleveland Museum of Art, The Norweb Collection (1946.227)

Ancient Peruavian Textiles: This spectacular tunic is made of 120 separate small pieces of cloth. The pieces were probably woven in strips , and each one was tie-dyed in one of six different color combinations and two patterns: either three rows of small circles or of two larger circles. The scaffold yarns were then removed to separate the individual pieces of cloth, which were reassembled into a tunic by sewing the pieces back together. The patterns on each individual piece form larger…