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Kori Bustard - "male in love” - fluffing up feathers for the ladies, Photo by Paolo Maffioletti (Native to Africa and may be the heaviest bird capable of flight

O Sole mio--Black-bellied bustard

Africa's Kori Bustard (35 photos & 5 videos.) Video of carmine bee-eaters using bustards as taxi-service is fun.

Australian Bustard Egg oh_185_drawer_8_6 For more information please visit blackcountryhisto...

Houbara Bustard 03B3166

Another one of God's awesomely beautiful creations, which showcase the brilliant colours only He could create.

The Australian bustard (Ardeotis australis) is a large ground bird of grassland, woodland and open agricultural country across northern Australia and southern New Guinea. This bird remains relatively common and widespread across most of northern Australia (see Atlas), but its range appears to have contracted in the south-east of the continent during the last century.