She decorated an Altoids tin and put crayons and paper in it. Genius for when you are at a restaurant or Dr.'s office and the kids are not sitting quiet!

Awesome DIY birthday gift for LEGO lovers. Portable LEGO Kit | Mama Papa Bubba

For all my friends with BOYS! paint a flip-top case from Hobby Lobby, glue on LEGO base, store LEGOs inside...take it on the road! Genius!

magnetic tic tac toe from altoids box

Keep the kiddos busy at the restaurant with this version of tic tac toe.

Pocket Sized Magnetic Fishing Set in Altoids tin, good to keep in purse for restaurant wait time

Awesome homemade things for the kiddos

DVD case storing paper & pencils. What a great idea for keeping in your purse, backpack, or in the car.

bikini onesie! adorable!

Quiet time or restaurant activity Put velcro dots on the ends of popsicle sticks. Kids can make letters or shapes over and over again.

Angry Birds bowling! Genius


Great idea for a baby bag. This is genius.

AWESOME and SIMPLE discipline system for young kids! I'm doing it...maybe some alterations but genius.

Under table hammock...genius!

Good Idea

Adults write in white crayon on the heart and the children use water colors to reveal the secret message

Quiet binder - church

Glue bath toy openings to prevent mold from getting inside and you from having to clean them. HELLO GENIUS!

35 Uses for Crayons

GENIUS!!! Pack N Play repurpose! Cut the mesh from one side, cover the top with fitted sheet, throw in some pillows... reading tent!