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    Cold mornings, long days, and tedious care for our companions this is my life

    How did that one horse's mane get dyed rainbow colors? It is so cute and beautiful that style.

    Can we just talk about these breeches and tall boots she has on right now? And can we see who will buy them for me? I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE OUTFIT

    Equestrian Show--Photographed by The Suss-Man (Mike)

    I love this pose, but I wouldn't be in Dressage gear. ;) I really, really love this though.

    In my opinion, every person who aspires to the title of "equestrian" should have to master the art of riding without stirrups.

    euro star Bente Damen Parka Gr. XL navy neue Kollektion Winter 2012/13 Holen Rabaté. Love the stirrup tab detail on either side of the zipper helps nip in at the waist.

    I want to have a bond with a horse just like this where they don't put there ears back where they come to me cause they actually want to see me and r excited tht im there I want them to trust me just as much as I trust them