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Porcelain tilework - Golestan Palace, Tehran, Iran

Alabaster work set in porcelain tiling at Golestan Palace in Tehran, Iran. Looking closer at the threshold steps, that's not rust or wear causing the striping pattern but more polished alabaster or marble stones. Very beautiful!

Cat's Dish- Rothenburg(Bavaria), Germany

Cat's Dish- Rothenburg(Bavaria), Germany


Doors in Taroudant, Morocco. The intricacy, the artisanship.

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Triton at Palácio da Pena, Sintra, Portugal

Triton at Palácio da Pena, Sintra, Portugal (by Mr.Enjoy) Feels like the burden of the window is full of :P


The Chic Technique: Portugal. What a colorful door concept, I love to see how things are so different world wide.

Door of Shiva from the 18th century in Jaipur, India.

Travel Inspiration for India - Door of Shiva - India, Jaipur, City Palace, century

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You just know there's something fantastic behind this door. This door in Bali, Indonesia is a beautiful, colorful creation. Doors of the world.