glass garden

window greenhouse.

Beautiful and clever expansion. That seems like a nice, little project for the vacation week, right honey? (red wooden house with a plant filled little greenhouse/ sunroom)


Green house made out of old windows.. I love greenhouses made of recycled windows (and have some old windows in my own greenhouse), just be careful about the glass - old windows generally are not made with safety glass. NEVER install windows of non-tempered glass overhead, especially in earthquake country! Tempered glass (which shatters into small, harmless, pieces, instead of shards) is always stamped as such in the corner.

old windows into greenhouse


shed? outdoor room?

Recycled window greenhouse

Plans to build an inexpensive greenhouse.

Love this

garden shed made from old windows. Gorgeous by luann

Green house made from recycled windows

ideas for the greenhouse

the perfect greenhouse!!...I'm gonna be looking for windows now to build my own greenhouse :)

Put mirrors up on your fence to make the yard look bigger. | 32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

turn salvaged windows into mini greenhouses.

Old windows and wood pallets greenhouse


Old windows being used as a greenhouse where it stays cold late in spring. The same design could be used with a window well to bring natural light to a basement