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guess so

don't let my looks deceive you. i have the mouth of a sailor, the temper of an italian housewife, and the the tolerance of an irish man. LOL truth x 100

It's better to reach for the stars and fail than live in darkness and sadness. Cheer up and try for what you want.

You Have the Patience

A little inspiration. ——- You have the patience, the strength and the passion to achieve your ambitions, your goals and dreams. All you need to do now, is try.

One of my bosses placed this into my cubicle, and for that they are terrific.

Thought for the day: Be an Optimist Prime! - Thought for the day: Be an Optimist Prime!

Funny Workplace Ecard: I use excessive sarcasm at work because punching someone in their fucking mouth is frowned upon by management.

Oh yes! I need to get more sarcastic because a punch in the mouth is what I'd LOVE to give one of my coworkers.


Yep - a man's self-image and ego is an amazing thing to behold!

"Not in a full-on lesbian way, but more of a grab-your-boob-occasionally kind of way."

I love you. Not in a full-on lesbian way, but more of a grab- your-boob-occasionally kind of way. Haha sadly I'm missing this friend!

Jane Eyre

"Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you are alive." From Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë