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subscapularis stretch this does wonders for tight neck and shoulders!


How to Foam Roll Like a Pro

How to foam roll like a pro! Your muscles will thanks you for it.

physical therapy exercise diagrams | Exercise Wall Poster; Tubing and Bands

To help eliminate rounded shoulders you have to stretch your pectoral muscles and strengthen your rhomboid muscles.

Shoulder stretches and Theraband exercises to strengthen your shoulder

Functional Assessment and Exercises to Enhance Hip Flexion for a patient with "Lower Crossed Syndrome"

Runner's Worldfrom Runner's World

Arch Enemy

Five simple stretches and exercises that can cure and prevent plantar fasciitis

Get 2 hours of sleep in just 20 minutes by littleyellowbarn: This soothing, restorative posture calms the nervous system, eases muscle fatigue, and helps restore healthy, restful breathing. Many yoga instructors offer it as an antidote to exhaustion, illness, and weakened immunity."

Rotator cuff muscle group picture used from "Principles of Anatomy and Physiology" - Sixth Edition. By G.J. Tortora and N.P. Anagnostakos. Published by Harper & Row - 1990

~Looks awkward but it's actually really helpful. All you do is click on whatever muscle group you want to work on and it gives you different ways to exercise that muscle~


9 Relaxing Stretches You Can Do in Bed

bed stretches!