just take some eyeshadow and break it up into a loose powder, which is awesome because everyone drops their shadows and they crack... mix some clear polish with the loose shadow and ta da!

How to Make Nail Polish Video...I didn't even know you could do this, so cool!

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How to Make Matte Nail Polish - it doesn't work! So crappy and splotchy. Never again!

this is fantastic... Nails In Motion Tip Tops- they protect your wet nails from getting smudged. I need these in my life

Ombre nails with an eyeshadow brush. Paint your nails with your base color, then apply the eye shadow and finish with a thick clear top coat to lock everything in!

love the matte+glitter

Reference for MAC eye-shadow pots.

Turn your old eyeshadow to nail polish! Such a fun and easy DIY to do. Can create custom colors by this method too!

Weeks ago I pinned an image of matte gray nails. The gray was classic, but the matte finish was unconventional. I was totally into it! A short time later I came across Essie 'Matte About You Fin...

Nail Color

Beauty Trick: Make Your Own Matte Nail Polish

A clear coat, dip and waaalaaa!

stamping nail art tricks

How to Easily Make Nail Polish on Nails Last Longer!

Make your own nail polish color

Use hole puncher and masking tape to make shapes on nail polish. Cute idea.

Grey matte