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Irish setter puppy dog...gorgeous face, ears and feathering...THIS IS THE dog I wanted when I was a teenager !!!

Our First-Ever Dogging the Hound Award

Irish Setter is a long haired dog breed.Irish Setters are in Top 5 most affectionate dog breeds.They are loyal,agile and intelligent dogs and are dogs that get along really well with kids.


Article: “Useful Information on History And Evolution Of Dogs” and Beautiful Dog Gallery

Irish Setter. Someday I'm going to adopt one.

If I were to ever get a dog, red haired Irish setter would be it ❤️


I think I've already pinned this picture, but I love that face soooo much.


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golden cocker spaniel<<<I absolutely hate it when my dog get those snowballs in his fur coat and of course he's a sheltie all fur no dog!

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MIght want to check his drivers license - looks a little young to be behind the wheel!

irish setter | Irish Red Setter - Haustier & Co - Alles über Haustiere

Beautiful Irish Setter Dog food ingredients for a healthy coat!

A heroic dog saved her puppies from fire. It happened yesterday in a house fire in Chile. A dog saved her pups by dragging them one by one out of the house to the fire truck as firefighters fought the fire.

Hello my dear sisters, It's sunday and time to share our most beautiful pins of the week. Have a nice day, Sylvie

look at this beautiful Irish Setter, maybe a better choice this time and they are gorgeous less health issues