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Stargate Atlantis. Because what else would you do in an ancient city in a far away galaxy? Race cars

NO! Not another pic from Civil War! I am so done! Y'know, I liked her! But this bitch is going down! STEP. AWAY. FROM BUCKY!!!

Military services cut the meals of our troops from three (3) per day to two (2) per day. the reason cited is "military budget issues". The true reason is that the administration wants our troops to have "less of a fighting chance" and for as many of our soldiers as possible to die. They don't want them coming back home and defending the Country from the communist regime.

Noble Team: Noble 5 - Jorge "He gave his life thinking he just saved the planet... we should all be so lucky..." -Carter

All officers standing next to what looks to be a 3 inch ordinance rifle. Probably trying to figure out which end the shell comes out of.

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Ender's Game - The movie was pretty good, but I thought the book was a WHOLE lot better. The movie was definitely cleaner than the book language-wise, but still, they cut a ton of the important scenes out.

the Guardianfrom the Guardian

Protests continue in Cairo - in pictures

Protestors VS Soldiers - chillin