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This was Banksy’s take on Christmas - ever ready to combine religious and political figures with references to consumerism, this one’s as witty as it is powerful!

Artist: Banksy [follow this link to find a short video featuring Slavoj Zizek, who argues that capitalism has transformed so that morality has become a commodity:]

Bansky. Sweatshop. Street artist today are an example of the zeitgeist shift from traditional values. Their work is illegal but they have large fan groups and profit from the people who ignore that their work is against the law. They at worst viewed as benign criminals by the public. Marissa D.

Banksy #street art #graffiti. From a pinner "This art was also painted on 35th Street West in Lancaster, California sometime last year,2012. Beautifully done and I saw the artist and a girl working on it. City workers painted over it within days. I have a picture of it. I will post it soon. I had no idea it was the elusive Banksy, it was amazing."

Third Monkfrom Third Monk

Banksy Quotes on Society, Street Art Gallery

“A lot of mothers will do anything for their children, except let them be themselves.” — Banksy (Wall and Piece) #Art #Quotes #Banksy