mosaic hopscotch!

How to layout a mosaic hopscotch tile pattern. What a great idea.Kids were love it.the big kid in me does.

mosaic hopscotch

Could be installed atop the tarmac with a shallow concrete border to inlay the mosaic tiles.

Outdoor hopscotch

Natural Playground Ideas Super easy outdoor rainbow hopscotch - just use garden pavers and spray paint to add a fun splash of color to your yard!

Na, das nenn ich mal ein Pflaster! Quelle:

Steingarten kreativ gestalten - 30 Bilder und individuelle Gartenideen

Gorgeous peacock pebble mosaic walkway at the Victorian aviary garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. THIS IS ART.

cast iron hearts were set in the wet cement

cast iron hearts ~ cement ~ & bricks make a wonderful walkway. Maybe I could find little Texas shapes instead of hearts.

...I love this...would love to do something like this one day. Maybe when I can finally get my Butt of Pinterest, I will have so time! LOL

25+ Garden Pathway Pebble Mosaic Ideas For Your Home Surroundings

For the backyard pathway around the garden. I would consider this on the patio only I really just DO NOT need one more thing to start gathering things for!

A Whole Bunch Of Beautiful & Enchanting Garden Paths - Style Estate - #garden #path, Beautiful Backyard.

A Whole Bunch Of Beautiful & Enchanting Garden Paths

Concrete leaves for the patio area. All instructions included. - Click all links on original source for even more instructions, leaf sources etc. Rhubarb...I never knew, then again I've never grown it.

DIY Concrete leaf stepping stones - so pretty. Love the metallic look. It made Craft and Create and Outdoor Living Space. Let's make these when the rhubarb leaves are huge!

10 IDÉIAS COM PEDRAS PARA DECORAR O SEU JARDIM----------FICA UMA GRAÇA!!! fonte- fonte- fonte- fonte- fonte- fonte- fonte-…

Real Rocks with concrete over them & the mosaic placed on top. Could also paint the mosaic design.

this is an outdoor mosaic but would be interesting as a tapestry

The tesserae includes tiny tiles, seed beads, glass beads in a variety of shapes and textures, glass tile and ceramic tiles

Rug mosaic

Carpet mosaic in the private patio of a beach level room at Mayan Beach Garden Inn, Mexico

sol en mosaïque-pierres

patio ~ walkway Idea using or patio blocks & pebbles-rocks in between the pre-made blocks. Lots of creative ways to make this your own walk way-garden path


This mosaic is of a heart that shows movement. There are all sorts of different colours to help define where the heart is on the backboard. The person who created this mosaic used rocks and pearls to help with texture.