Summer Arms Challenge


7-day arms challenge from

The Ultimate Arms & Abs Workout - Easily done without a gym.



These are so hard; you’ll feel them everywhere-great for the inner thigh...yup.. Goodbye shitty legs

30-Day Squat Challenge by @shrinkingjeans #sisterhoodsquats #exercise #fitness #workoutcalendar I'm doing it!!

25 of the BEST You Tube Video Workouts- full length workouts you can do in the comfort of your home! #8weekchallenge #exercise

Squat Circuit Challenge: 4 Weeks to 200 Squats

A few great exercises to do every week

4 Exercises to do 10 minutes before a run to open your hips so you run faster and avoid injuries. Doing these exercises consistently helps increase your range of motion and improve form.

every workout video you could ever want online, including insanity and 30 day shred. this is a golden pin.

This is an exercise to help get the infamous thigh gap. For a beginner, I might say 2 sets of 30 reps…this one really burns, so you have to have strong legs/butt muscles for it.

No joke. Just did this one and it was killer. 10 Minute arm workout to get rid of those flabby things!.

How to lose the tummy pooch in 4 weeks.

I'm not getting married, but this sounds great for ARMS!! :D Wedding Countdown: Arm Plan

Top Ten Exercises for Arm Toning...Bring it, I hate my arms!!

If you are a beginner to Tracy Anderson Method try this short arm workout Do it regularly to get sexy arm definition! Here the advanced (extended) version. Same clip, more reps. Please note I (the uploader) am a fan, not Tracy herself.

Brazilian Butt Workout