Summer Arms Challenge

Yay! It’s time for a new challenge: the 30 Day Arm Challenge. We often hear from women that training their arm muscles is not their favourite activity. That’s probably because arm exercises can get pretty intense, but did you know that your shoulders and upper back tend to carry less fat than the rest of …


Carrie's leg workout. I've heard from several people that this is amazing!

I've never seen a site like this... You click on the part you want to work on and it tells you easy exercises you can do at home!



thin thighs in 30 days

*** *** How to burn more fat - simple exercises you can do at home. No need to have any equipment, just a few minutes per day.

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The Ultimate Arms & Abs Workout - Easily done without a gym.

.wow. Who's up for this challenge???

Tone Your Arms in 3 Moves

Lets get started

5 Exercises to Ditch Arm Flab Forever

25 of the BEST You Tube Video Workouts- full length workouts you can do in the comfort of your home! #8weekchallenge #exercise

Follow this routine 4 times a week (with 1 day of rest in between) and youll shrink a size in a month.

Look Thinner and Feel Better With Just One Exercise A few sets of this move will have you feeling longer and leaner.

Full Body Fitness Workout. Home Workout. No Equipment. Fat Burn, Body Sculpting. Shape and Tone all over. Free workouts.