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U.K. Scientists Start Site to Track Moon

British scientists spearhead a global "Moon watch." Observers anywhere in the world are able to log onto a Web site and report when they see the Moon. The scientists hope the information will help refine the lunar calendar and also help establish the start of some religious festivals.
  • Elizabeth Thankful Shannon

    The Colorful Moon This is almost a full view of the Moon's familiar near side in false colors. Mare Tranquillitatis is the bright blue area at right, Oceanus Procellarum is the extensive blue and orange area on the left, and white lines radiate from the crater Tycho at bottom center. Recorded in 1992 by the Galileo spacecraft enroute to Jupiter, the picture is a mosaic of 15 images taken through three color filters. Credit: Credit: Galileo Project, JPL, NASA

  • Lyn Blore-Dufty

    photos of the moon - Bing Images <3 rainbow moon <3

  • Clare

    Moon - False Color Mosaic

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