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A drawing of my oc Sophie xD (Never speak of this drawing again ._.) | Drawing By @AWildSophie | Repin if wanted, just leave the drawing credit to me |>>> by @AWildSophie

A great post about using reference.  HOW TO MAKE YOUR ART LOOK NICE: Reference n Style by trotroy on DeviantArt

"Aaaand a little bit of a throwback... Still not quite sure if I made the top one in 2013 or 2012, but holy... Practise and dedication is all it takes, tbh…"

Sunshine and Shadows - Steve Hanks is recognized as one of the best watercolor artists working today. Description from I searched for this on

How To Create A World: Skyrim's Director On Building A Never-Ending Fantasy

Navigating comics: an empirical and theoretical approach to strategies of reading comic page layouts, Neil Cohn, Center for Research in Language, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA, USA