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Allahu akbar: Allah is Supreme. SubhanAllah: Limitless is Allah in His Glory and utterly pure is He from all flaws and shortcomings. Alhamdulillah: All praise is due to Allah. La ilaha illallah: There is deity besides Allah. Astaghfirullahil adheem: I pray for forgiveness from Allah the Mighty. La hawla wala quwwata illa billah: There is no power nor strength except through Allah.

Dua دعاء

Dua دعاء

Dua دعاء

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Original Paper Cut Quote

well said

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umq: Silence by (chrishendersonphoto) (No More Despair)

the best poem ever #tumblr #deep #depressing

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Accept the reality of your greatness. Believe it into existence. You are amazing just the way you are... #spidersense #charlotteaquaris