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Before the bucket gets kicked....


I love planning parties and I've been wanting to put together a holiday themed party for quite some time. Something other than Christmas or Thanksgiving. Maybe like Halloween or something or St.

1.1.13  check

wake up on january next to the one i love (Not that I would be asleep due to New Year's Eve)

Sing. . . . In the rain, how amazing! I think I've done this once or twice, i want to do it again. :)

I think I've danced in the rain. played in the rain. but i don't think I've ever sung in the rain!

haha prove the myans wrong.


Sunday School 2015-2016

Someday all this hard work, all the tears, late nights, and stress will pay off. Someday I will be the teacher I've always wanted to be. Someday I will be a child's mentor and teach them for the future. Someday I will become a teacher.

bucket list

Bucket list: build a gingerbread house for the holidays.every year I want to but never find the time

I am not going to wear an ugly dress. Just need the man though!

Wear a beautiful wedding dress. So having the wedding I always wanted when I renew my vows. The dress is my # 1 priorty! Every girl deserves to be a princess for a day!

I'm not sure if i'll ever stop being such a kid at heart...

I pinned this because I always do this with my little brotherin the fall! I rake up all of the leaves in one big pile for him, and then he likes to jump and play in them.

I really don't know if I want to celebrate my birthday here on earth I hope that I am with The Lord and the rest of my family in heaven but if Gods plan is too keep me in the world that long then I'm good with it!

haha! [ ] done [x] WILL do! (:


Tip a cow bahaha I live in payson and i've never done it. No one ever said that everything on your bucket list had to be crazy, nearly impossible things.