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The World-Famous Easter Island Heads Are Hiding A Big Secret - I Had No Idea

Easter Island is a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Easter Island is famous for its 887 extant monumental statues, called moai, created by the early Rapanui people. More at

Moai statues on Easter Island built by the first Polynesian peoples on the island. wikipedia One of the most remote and uninhabited of the islands in the world is Easter Island, a special territory of Chile, South America. It was annexed by Chile in...

Easter Island - I have wanted to visit this place since I first saw a picture of it in a geography book in elementary school. ONE DAY!!!

Os moais, grandes estátuas de rocha em forma de pessoas estilizadas, são a principal atração da Ilha de Páscoa ou Rapa Nui ("umbigo do mundo", como dizem os habitantes locais), território chileno no Oceano Pacífico.

Das Geheimnis der Osterinsel

Das Geheimnis der Osterinsel:

جزیره ایستر، شیلی، عجایب جهان، مجسمه های جزیره ایستر، مجسمه پارو شیلی

Rano Raraku, Easter Island is a volcanic crater formed of consolidated volcanic ash, or tuff, and located on the lower slopes of Terevaka in the Rapa Nui National Park on Easter Island. It was a quarry for about 500 years until the early eighteenth century, and supplied the stone from which about 95% of the island's known monolithic sculptures (moai) were carved. Rano Raraku is a visual record of moai design vocabulary and technological innovation, where 397 moai remain.