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  • Lesly Arreola

    Weird coffee mug

  • Ashley Dake

    It would just look so funny to drink tea from a toilet mug.

  • Vasta Phonic

    Toilet Bowl Teacup

  • Jessica

    Toilet Mug that could potentially take tea time from enjoyable to AWESOMELY hilarious.

  • M

    Okay--I'm thinking Father's Day gift with a card reading "Now you can make sure the morning will be pleasant." M: Whaaaat? Give this to someone else? Nobody but me gets to drink out of a toilet, on a toilet. Unless I had several of these. Fine.

  • The Taste of Tea

    Oh My Gosh - this image perfectly describes how I feel about teabags - but STILL what was this person thinking making a toilet tea cup?!?!?

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This is pretty hilarious. And true. Also, if ladies have nail polish, they are more likely to scratch it off on the wall with the under-roll. I am that person who switches rolls around if they have been put on wrong. Let's pretend I only do that at my house. ;)