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BLURB: Welcome to the Community Gardens of Santa Clarita. This project is a team effort by a Board made up of committed and dedicated gardeners. We welcome your visit to our site and hope that you will join us in our gardening hobby./// I want to do this, but it's a massive wait list... indicating that there is a growing desire for whole, fresh, chemical free, local food ... and community experience. Hmmmm... food for thought (literally).

How to Plant by the Moon Cycles - Vegetable Gardener

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Pointed Fir of the North Wind Bell

2015 Gardening - Planting by the Moon

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Gardening by the Moon 2016

Planting Regions - What is Planting by the Moon?

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Moon Gardening, Gardening by moon phases, when to plant

Gardener's Supply -- Proponents suggest that, just as the moon's gravitational pull affects the tides, it also has a more subtle but still relevant effect on soil moisture, pulling it toward the soil surface. If this is true, then perhaps more moisture near the soil surface could improve germination. Gardener's Supply


Gardening for Dummies: Companion Planting {Free Printable

Companion Planting Guide--Which Garden Plants Grow Well Together? {Free Printable from} #companionplanting

How Do I Start Collecting Seeds for Saving? Great site for all matters related to organic growing....Have fun!

Starting from Seeds – How to Plant – Grow – Transplant Many new gardeners may become intimidated about the process of starting from seeds but this article can help get over that reluctance feeling.