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I need this taped up to my mirror. Especially for those days when I want to talk myself out of working out which is often.

I feel like a Rock Star when my running matches the beat of the song playing on my I-Pod!

Fact: Working out without music is like having teeth pulled without novocaine. | Sports Ecard |

Yup going on 4 days now of a different area being sore and today it's all of them!

When you ask a Fibro person, How are you? our minds race like spies wondering whether we can trust you with the truth.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 92 Pics

An imperfect workout done today is better than a perfect workout delayed indefinitely

So true! I get so much thinking done and work through so many problems while running. :P

Connie Hamon Mathers really needs this hanging in her cubicle...and home...and car...actually, just make it a necklace and wear it every day!