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  • Cindy Solloa

    ice cream cones not really foods i love but i heart the colors!!

  • Emma

    Japanese Soft Serve Vending Machine via Icecream #Japan

  • Jorge Mick

    ice cream flavors: vanilla, chocolate, green tea, black sesame, strawberry --,--,soybean, sweet bean, honey, -- beer, --, tangerine, --, horseradish --, mango, honeydew, cantalope, purple sweet potato, -- rose, grape, lavendar, banana, caramel roast peanut, pumpkin, berry yogurt, strawberry milk, chocolate milk, green tea milk (I can't read them all, anyone wanna help translate?) Emily! This is definitely some incentive for you to come to Japan with me! :)

  • Nerissassippi

    Ice Cream vending Machine in Shinjuku-ku close to the Park Hyatt Tokyo (Fake Food on Display) - Tokyo - Japan - Flavors from left top to right : Vanilla, Bitter Chocolate, Macha, Kuro-goma (Black Sesame), Ichigo (Strawberry), Ume (Plum), Tonyu (Soybean Milk), Edamame, Azuki (Red Bean), Miso, Genmai (Brown Rice), Yuzu,Annin-tofu, Mikan (Tangerine), Kuri (Chestnut), Wasabi, Pineapple, Mango.

  • Kay D'Angelo

    Window display of soft serves

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Sometimes having a beauitful life and living in the moment includes having a soft serve by the beach!

Remember back in the day when McDonald's had "twist cones" where it'd be half chocolate and half vanilla just like this?? MISS THOSE DAYS!!

Soft Serve Happiness I do love soft serve ice cream. After one cone, always wish I had ordered two.

Rainbow Soft Serve. Needs rainbow sprinkles = happiest, gayest ice cream cone ever :-). Any soft serve is good soft serve!

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Sorry I actually eat unlike some people...Sorry I can be myself around guys unlike some people... Sorry I like to have fun and I dont care what people think about me... Sorry I am me.

Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream maker...i don't like soft serve ice cream but it looks cute