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Daniel Tosh.....cutie but im still on the fence that he might be gay.?

Daniel Tosh. Slightly rude, but still hilarious

went to see the lovely daniel tosh live this weekend. i've never had to pee so bad in my life as i did when his show was over.

Daniel Tosh! He says the things most people wanna say but are afraid of being shot if they said it! and he's cute!

Even though he's more than likely gay, I still have a crush on him.

Daniel Tosh is probably the funniest one on my list. I laugh so hard during his show, i always end up smearing my make-up from laughing so hard I cry. He freakin Rocks!!

Daniel Tosh. I either love his jokes or think they are way to inappropriate lol

Some of you will question the placement on this board, but really, if he can make you laugh like this guy, he deserves some credit!