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Girls delivering ice. Heavy work that formerly belonged to men only is being done by girls. The ice girls are delivering ice on a route and their work requires brawn as well as the partriotic ambition to help. Circa 1918– From the Records of the War Department; American Unofficial Collection of World War I Photographs, 1917 – 1918.

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14 Striking Photos Of Women At Work During The First World War

I'm wondering how much money you have to have to dress like the woman on the right - or whether she just didn't expect to get dirty (WW1 nurses)

World War I ambulance with red cross flag.

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Never Forget - A Collegiate's Account of 911 as a New Yorker

Twin towers before 9/11 More

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Dramatic photographs from WW1 that show the carnage... and courage

Before disaster struck: Women workers stack live shells destined for the trenches at the huge munitions factory at Chilwell in Nottinghamshire in 1917. A few months later, on 1 July, 1918, 250 workers were killed when eight tons of TNT explosive at the factory blew up. Only 32 bodies could be positively identified

Portrait of John Meintz, who was tarred and feathered during World War I for not supporting war bond drives, 1917 - 1918.

Photo: dark, cold, wet, trench, soldier. Bad. WWI. 1918.

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Heart of Wisdom: Learning American History Through Movies & Free Timeline Download

For American Lit - American History Timeline: It's important to know where your family fits in history. The history of the world around them affected their lives and the choices they made.


South Korea Suspends Sales of VW Models Over Emissions Probe

A welder at a boat-and-sub-building yard adjusts her goggles before resuming work, October, 1943. By 1945, women comprised well over a third of the civilian labor force (in 1940, it was closer to a quarter) and millions of those jobs were filled in factories: building bombers, manufacturing munitions, welding, drilling and riveting for the war effort.