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I want everyone to read the top section. Very. Carefully. I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian. You have no idea how many times I've heard, "But you can still eat fish, right?" or "Dude, I like cheese too much to be vegetarian." EDUCATE YOURSELVES.

  • p diddy

    this sounds exhausting.

  • Carly Mallise

    I know right? "Do you still eat seafood?" Noooo, do fish grow on trees? Nooo I swear skittles are veg friendly though - I looked it up.

Not quite a full-blown vegetarian but definitely leaning that way.

I'm totally having this dress made for me! :-D


  • Super Sal

    Where do I get MY protein? Hemp seed, beans, nuts, quinoa, seeds, spirulina, Plant Fushion, sometimes I eat Seitan or tofu but rarely. I started by googling Vegan and vegetarians for dummies books. Not that you or I am a dummy but I thought hell they make those series of books for every subject Ill bet theres one for this!!. I read vegan for life, the kind diet, Meat, A Benign Extravagance. The Thrive Diet helped me immensely as my husband is a professional athlete and obviously we need to be on point with his diet. Turns out, the body doesnt need as much protein as we've been led, or fed to believe $$

  • Super Sal

    Google is your friend

  • Maura L

    "The man"? What is this, 1960??

  • Sarah Cole

    Tally Grace meat is mean, just like you said :P

  • Jennifer

    This has turned into a mostly ridiculous thread. You do not have to do massive research to be a vegetarian. If your diet is shitty, it's going to be shitty whether or not you eat meat. What everyone should research is what foods are good for your body and what ones are not. Meat has little to do with it and your body certainly does NOT need meat. There are very few vegetarians when compared with meat eaters in the US and the majority of the US is fat, fat, fat and unhealthy. Eating meat does not automatically mean you have a good diet just like eating vegetarian does not automatically mean you have a good diet.

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Yeah, that's what we think of salad, too. Our cat cafe will be more of a burger-and-a-beer kind of place.

Im actually really excited about these...15 Meatless Lunch Sandwiches That Kids Will Love

Nothin like a little cat in your salad...

  • linzee

    I would so eat that salad afterwards..*cough cough NOOO cough*

Healthy Heart "In a vegetarian world no one needs to worry about Kosher, Halal, Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease and pollution from the waste of billions day to day killings."

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