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Niam Jain: Having a child with Autism has many challenges, emotional battles, reciprocal love and cherished moments. Finding role models for my son has always been difficult. I am always looking for strong role models who possess the kind of qualities to make my son become a better person. Finding role models for Niam Jain...Read More »

Fact or Myth: Is there an Autism Cure? Where do I begin on this one. To an autism parent like myself this is a very loaded question: Visit autism mommy blog

Tips on how to use the When To Say Sorry Social Story. Teaching empathy to children with autism can be difficult and there are some who say it cannot be

Autism Mommy needs a break. Read this hilarious cartoon of crappy pictures that will leave you in stitches. Follow this autism mommy blogs of stories & tips

Thank you to the angel at Whole Foods. I was having my usual tiresome day…

FEELING GUILTY - HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH THERAPY? Autism Blog - Autism Mommy and Education Blog

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