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Basically you put drops of nail polish on a sandwich baggy and fold the bag on top of the wet polish and smoosh it around a little bit to make the colors get to know each other and once its dry, you can peel it off like a sticker and apply it to your nail

Tutorial time! Here I demonstrate how I did my sandwich baggy galaxy nails which can be found on my page! This is my first tutorial so please be gentle =] Okay, so first things first. We acquire our...

Let's get started! So for marbling without water tutorial, you will need a plastic baggy (I used a sandwich bag, but I think you can use Saran Wrap or any other similar surface as well), a toothpick (I used a mechanical pencil since I was out), 2 nail polishes at least (I used Smoke and Ashes by China Glaze and Silvivor by Wet n Wild), and some scissors or cuticle clippers (which I forgot to picture). MakeupMyLack did use the cuticle clippers.

#VanessaHudgens #Coachella #Nails #realnails #polish #turquoise #bohemian #nailcharm -- Saw this in a Cosmo mag article so I tried it out! (Nail secret to get the gold use a crumbled sandwich baggy dip it in the polish then gently dab on the teal nails)

FLAME MANICURE - - - Even if you don't like the design, the method is what's important here (in my opinion). Seeing how I am very much right-handed, my right hand always looks like absolute crap when I paint my nails. I think this might work for me!

You will need a ziploc bag, acetone and a clean up brush! Step 1⃣Paint your nail gray and let dry! 2⃣ Apply liquid palisade around nail and let dry. 3⃣ Apply drops of polish on nail as shown 4⃣ Place sandwich bag over the polish and lightly "smoosh" the colors together 5⃣ Remove sandwich bag, if you're no content with the look place baggy over and smoosh some more 6⃣ With a brush, remove the excess polish off the sides and then remove liquid palisade 7⃣ Clean up with acetone and brush

Black and White Mani -you will need reinforcement stickers (found in the office section of any store), tape, a zip lock (sandwich) bag, acetone and clean up brush! Nail 1: step 1. Paint your nail white and let dry! 2. Apply drop of polish on nails as shown. 3. Place sandwich bag over the polish and lightly "smooth" the colors together. 4. Remove sandwich bag, if you're not content with the look place baggy over and smoosh some more. 5. Take off the excess polish with a brush immediately. 6…