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Marina Joyce

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love marina joyces hair fantabulous definitatey cutting my hair like this no questions asked

(FC Marina Joyce) Hi! I'm Malise! I'm obsessed with BVB, MCR, MIW, BMTH, FOB, and PTV. I love to draw and dance, and music is my life. I'm going to prom with Jeremy, or, as you may know him, Jinxx!

Marina Joyce ♥ I adore her!! She's so awesum. Haha

Marina Joyce, I love her make up and hair

Can't remember her name but ive seen her on YouTube

Uh…hi…I-I'm Lynn (marina Joyce) and I'm shy and 18 years old…my s-superpower is to change people's personalities.

(Fc Marina Joyce) Hi,My name is Allison ,I was bored so I walked into this house,I just like exploring it and currently don't really care to leave.I like this place and the creatures that roam here ,And want to befriend one.People call this house haunted I prefer the term unearthly .

There she is with pedo bear- guys please subscibe to marina joyce on youtube! She makes videos of how to love yourself and be happy and stuff like that. Shes beautiful and amazing! ♡