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Love the look of this tattoo! Not sure if I could get it myself though.

I really want to have refugees that I know write me inspirational or traditional sayings in their native language. If I could get Arabic, Tgrinya, Nepali, French, Congolese...I think there are a few others I could get in there.

Foot tat - swallows represent many things starting with protecting a sailors soul if he drowned at sea. It's a sign of trust, honor, dignity, respect, loyalty, fidelity, freedom, hard work, good fortune. It has a lot of interesting meaning behind it.

My next tattoo, except I want it on the outside of my foot and I want Lily and Sawyer's names

Awesome top-of-the-foot tattoos....I ❤ the peacock feather one, might even have to get one kinda similar to it whenever I can finally get around to it after hopefully getting my tatts I've already HAD to be touched back up....THEN we'll see about any other/new tattoos!! 😜 hehe 😊

one foot for each kid you have. I want their names in the arch and their actual foot prints

I'm on the fence about getting a chest piece. But if I did it... This would probably be my top two...

I'm in love with small and delicate tattoos. I really want to get this one on my shoulder or collar bone. #tattoo #style #birds

foot tattoo this is where I want my tattoo! But again a Sparrow.

LOVE the placement & all, not the tattoo itself; it's a perfect placement for my quote that I'll be getting done this summer (: