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Cory Smits, 29, is seen in this booking photo from the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department. Smits was found guilty July 7 on his fifth offense of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Mugshot: Cory Smit has become well-known to police in Wisconsin after he was found guilty of driving while intoxicated for the five times

plastic surgery fail 24 Did your plastic surgeon fall asleep on the job?

wrongful convict

since i get enough hits for “bad tattoos,” part deux

you will regret this decision.

10 Worst Plastic Surgery Disasters

I’m reasonably open-minded when it comes to piercings, but even I’ll admit my stomach turned slightly upon seeing this. This spectacular ‘lip window’ body modification is .

Oh, Lord! It looks good now, but imagine how red and nasty it looked while it was healing! No thanks...

Dermal Punch Star Shaped Piercing: LOL yeah , NOT , wtf is this ugly thing

what the...i don't even... They definitely don't teach how to treat this in pharmacy school.

A 69 year old woman with cutaneous horn growing from her forehead, it's current length the result of 20 years of growth. These are clinical photographs taken before the horn's surgical removal.

When You See It . . . You Will Crack Up!

❥ Pits of Hell On the Rise–People Are Morphing Into “Literal Demons” and Proud of It! A New World Order of Its Own Kind (Horrifying Pictures)… and this one is the least of the horrors… this is nothing but demonic. Sick and demonic.

40 Construction jokes

40 Construction jokes

OMG :-o

Heard about sausages with horse meat but this looks worrying :-/ lol

La mujer vampiro antes y despues María José Cristerna

Chatter Busy: Maria Jose Cristerna Extreme Transformation Into Vampire

I have no friends so, I pack a lizard in my ear. hmmmm

Ear gauges just got a lot better…

Funny pictures about Lizard earring. Oh, and cool pics about Lizard earring. Also, Lizard earring photos.

Got a ticket out of Hell, and into freedom. I rarely wonder why anymore. Life is not lived in the rear view mirror.

Don't Keep Dancing with the devil and wonder why you are still in Hell. -- This is what I needed three years ago and to live every day since then. You don't need closure. You don't need an apology from anyone other than other than from yourself.