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Old Books

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Old Books. I love the smell of a used book store....

There is a reason that digital books will never replace print completely. I like digital, but I love old book smell!

Slightly Ignorant's Bookish Place

There's something about old book covers that says homey and comfort. They seem to invite you to grab a warm blanket, mug of cocoa and sit a spell all curled up and dreaming between their covers.

Vintage books, perfect to put on display at your home library, the shelves of the living room, or on the coffee table.

"Here's to books, the cheapest vacation you can buy" - Charlaine Harris ... Vintage Books PHOTO, Mon, May 30 2011 © Traci TESSONE (Photographer, Shop owner. Morris, Illinois).

books ~ i would love this sign in my workspace

My future boyfriend will be required to wear this everyday

Finally, B&N;'s puts the Chronicles in a binding worthy of their magnificence... I can't even describe to you how sweet this is...