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Take Along a Book

Take along a book. This vintage print shows a father and son reading while camping. c. 1910

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I, Ripper: A Novel

The first book you see in a book store

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Recreational Reading

8 books worth making time to read for!

A couple of people I work with recommended this book to me because of my love for Law & Order: SVU and my love for a good murder-mystery. Gone Girl is phenomenal! I was immediately draw to the characters, too involved in their story, the plot line literally turns with each chapter and the ending is something I would have never guess. PLEASE READ THIS BOOK!

"The Dovekeepers" by Alice Hoffman. The Dovekeepers encapsulates life in 70 CE for the Jews fleeing the Roman Occupation. The Journey and Life on the mountain top of Masada located in the Judean Desert is richly weaved throughout this tale by focusing on the bravery and harsh life led by it's characters. Based on a true epic event, it's a tale of four extraordinarly bold, resourceful and intriguing women each who come to Masada by a different path.

I absolutely LOVED this book. That said, I would not recommend it to anyone, just decide for yourself. I'm not sure who can handle what and the first half of this story was pretty darn disturbing. It's fiction about a 32 year old woman who is abducted and held captive for a year. The story is actually her telling it to her therapist. The second half is after she's escaped and trying to move on with her life and find out the identity of who took her. It was excellent, but again, disturbing.

This is the 3rd book I've read in the past month by John Harwood and I am quickly becoming a fan. The Asylum is a psychological thriller set in the 19th century and as soon as the first chapter opens you are right there with the main character, panicking at the circumstances she finds herself in. I enjoy how Harwood uses different and unreliable narrators to reveal the story. Fun read.

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20 Top Books of the Past 10 Years

Sharing a fun round up of my 20 Top books of the past 10 years. So many good books!

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Historical books - recommended reading list

Historical books - recommended reading list: fiction and nonfiction.

The Hangman's Daughter by Oliver Potzsch A historical thriller set in Germany, 1660: When a dying boy is pulled from the river with a mark crudely tattooed on his shoulder, hangman Jakob Kuisl is called upon to investigate whether witchcraft is at play in his small Bavarian town.

Loved this book, and the central premise of this book--a medieval chant--was interesting and different from anything I had read before.

Stop whatever you are doing and read this today! 5 Stars. Captivating, compelling, insightful and secrets a mile a minute. I love this book!