Six Moving Tips When Relocating With Pets -- what a great resource! #moving #pets #MovingTips

Moving With A Cat - Use these 13 tips for a smooth move with all of your pets: #realestate #moving

DIY pet dishes in a log. cool idea if your dog slobbers bucket-loads like my dog rudy! #animal #DIY #cats #dogs #home #love #pets #Malta #socialmedia HAVE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES LOOK LIKE MINE

33+ Helpful Moving Tips Everyone Should Know ~ Tape loose screws and bolts to the back of furniture that has to be taken apart! Easy to find and put back together.

Pet ID Tags - I love this!

Moving Tip: Use shrinkwrap to wrap your silverware in its holder.... this tip also works for dresser drawers if you remove them. (It will save your husband's back and make unpacking super easy too)

33+ Helpful Moving Tips Everyone Should Know ~ How to pack the truck like an expert!

DIY car seat cover for dogs--hammock style keeps them from jumping into the front and keeps them from hurting themselves if there is a sudden stop...and keeps the hair out of the car!- possible cat movng?>

A Kwik Guide - Very Helpful (especially in the winter when dogs aren't able to wear their nails down naturally.)

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pets - Wellness Mama

Packing tip. Moving tip. Use saran wrap to secure drawers. Eliminates the need for tape that leaves behind sticky residue, or tying rope and having to fight knots.

Great moving tips!

6 Week Checklist For Moving Into Your New Apartment #infographic

A great list of places where you can score FREE Moving boxes! Talk about making your DIY moving a little more affordable. Thankful for these tips.

33+ Helpful Moving Tips Everyone Should Know ~ Use toilet paper rolls to keep your necklaces from tangling!

Moving tips {how to stay organized} I Heart Nap Time | I Heart Nap Time - Easy recipes, DIY crafts, Homemaker

Moving idea

When moving make sure to pack "Box #1" - Says: I know I’m not the only one approaching a move so I wanted to share my favorite tip. I became a devotee to the idea of having a go-to container of all the things you need quick access to after moving into a new place. I call it Box #1 and it should be the first one into your new place and likely the first one you crack open. Read on for a list of what I’m talking about and some tips for making your next move a smoother one.

Great moving tip

Moving - Military Style 10 tips from an Army Wife

(16 Moving and Packing Tips You Ought to Try...!) This is a great list to help you move all of your stuff to JSU! Get excited! Jacksonville State University's move in day will be here before you know it!