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Postmortem And Gravestones,Including Post,Mortem Photography,Moment Mori,Memento

Burial hands.The body of a one-year-old boy who died of dehydration is prepared for burial at Jalozai refugee camp.The child's family,originally from North Afghanistan,had sought refuge in Pakistan from political instability and the consequences of drought.The family gave the photographer permission to attend as they washed and wrapped his body in a white funeral shroud, according to Muslim tradition. In the overcrowded Jalozai camp of 80,000 refugees from Afghanistan endured squalid…

Tintype, Postmortem, yes. Memento mori... the woman sitting on the right I believe... though it's odd how the couple standing are so clear, and the women sitting are blurred suggestive of slight movement... perhaps its the couple that is dead?