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  • Caro Aurelia

    Johalis Castro. She was found dead and burned on September 10, 1997. She was nineteen and had emigrated from the Dominican Republic to the Bronx. She had a young daughter and was studying computer science at a community college. Her murderer, Arohn Kee, was sentenced to life in prison in January 2001.

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Joseph Edward Duncan III (born February 25, 1963) is an American convicted serial killer and sex offender who is currently serving multiple death sentences and life sentences in conjunction with the 1997 kidnapping and murder of Anthony Martinez of Beaumont, California, and the 2005 kidnapping and murders of members of the Groene family of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He has also confessed but not been charged with the 1996 murder of two girls in Seattle, Washington.

Known as the Wemmer Pan Killer, Cedric Maake is a serial killer from South Africa who committed 27 murders between 1996 and 1997. How He killed his victims with different instruments such as: guns, rocks, a knife and a hammer. In some cases he killed his victims with a rock, in others he shot them, and in others he murdered tailors with a hammer. He was convicted and sentenced to 27 life sentences.

John Norman is a serial killer who was found guilty for one of the "Michigan Murders", as they came to be called by various media sources and locals. He is allegedly responsible for all but one of the other murders. The Michigan Murders were a series of highly publicized killings in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area of Michigan between 1967 and 1969 that terrified Washtenaw County for over two years. The murders began with University student Mary Fleszar on July 10.

HH Holmes newspaper article! (RE: The Devil in the White City in my favourite non-fiction books)

Some Serial Killers and their IQ's. I keep wondering what their Emotional Intelligence levels were...

charles manson august 16 1969 - a crazy serial killer and cult leader helped to end the tumultuous decade. Google him and read the still makes me sick, don't even want to write about it. He looks too normal here, see the other picture I have posted of him.

Joachim Kroll admitted killing Marion Kettner and gave details of 14 other murders. Kroll said that he often sliced portions of flesh from his victims to cook and eat them, claiming that he did this to save on his grocery bills. He was charged with eight murders and one attempted murder. In April 1982, after a 151-day trial, he was convicted on all counts and was given nine consecutive life sentences. He died of a heart attack in 1991 in a hospital for the criminally insane.

Beverley Gail Allitt is a well-known serial killer who murdered four children and injured nine others that were in her care while working as a pediatric nurse. Her main method of murder was to inject the child with potassium chloride or insulin. Although convicted with death in nine cases, Allit attacked thirteen children over a sixty day period before being caught red-handed. She was sentenced to life

In 2005, police found the bodies of Brenda Groene, her boyfriend, and her son, 13, in the family home. Groene's 2 other children were missing: Shasta, 8, & Dylan, 9. Shasta was found alive nearly 7 weeks later with sex offender Joseph Edward Duncan III at a restaurant. Dylan's remains were found days later in a remote area. Duncan was convicted of murdering the Groene family & police have connected him with 3 other murders.

Jack The Ripper. Tied to the murder of five women, Jack the Ripper's handiwork earned him a reputation that has extended into three centuries. More than 100 suspects have been named, but the murderer has never been identified. There are theories that the gruesome butcherings were the work of a wide-ranging plot, including a Royal coverup implicating Queen Victoria's grandson.