Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

She cracks me up!

And when she does it’s adorable. | 20 Signs That Jennifer Lawrence Is Your Spirit Animal

A Google Search is not the same as running a background search with BeenVerified. Try it today.

"Be Dior" Flag Bag Fall 2014 Campaign #dior #jenniferlawrence #fashion

Jennifer Lawrence on the SNL promo

Jennifer Lawrence

"Did you ever wonder if we're all just little dolls in a big game?" "That's the last time I let you measure your own wolfsbane."

Jennifer Lawrence... you never cease to amaze me

jennifer lawerence

// Jennifer Lawrence's hilarious Oscar winner's press conference

I suppose J.Law tripping at the Oscars doesn't make for overwhelming lust, but I do adore her.

Haha hunger games humor

Jennifer Lawrence: I'm falling in love with this quirky cool lady. I adore her at Silver Lining Playbook.

Jennifer Lawrence

// beauty queen of 18 //

Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence on falling at the Oscars.

When they took this selfie while on a panel and didn't care what was going on around them: