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Scar cover up....this made me tear up! My stomach is the same with 1 of my 2 c sections that was botched by the doctor. I am very embarrassed of my lower abdomen, which will never be pretty again...

beautiful scar cover up tattoo

I want this to cover up my C-section scar. Beautiful.

c section cover up tattoos | scar cover up. This is what I want to do with my c-section scar.

Image detail for -TATU BABY TATTOOS!, Tummy tuck scar cover-up #tattoos (Taken with...

Great idea...I'd want the tat here to be symbolic of what came from my scars. photo scar-cover-flowers-stomach-tattoo

stomach tattoos to cover scars | Next Tummy Tuck Scar Cover Up Tattoo Over Tt 2

Cover up - YES this is it for my hip surgery scar!!!

Tattoo for that pesky scar you want to cover up....Sister, what do you think?

What a great vertical C-section scar cover up!

Tummy tuck scar. Might cover my c-section scars.

Pretty ! Easy to cover up scar from c section... What a great idea. Lets face it those scars are hideous !!!